Need sleep? Try Obsidian Dreamin’…

“The key to growth is the introducing of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” – Lao Tzu

As I hope you are realizing by now, perpetual beta is a site meant to help you and I grow. And if I am not doing that, email me and tell me how I can do better! As my previous post hinted, Tulum taught me a lot, like a lot a lot. And in this post I want to give you one piece of the learning that has really helped me.

One of the most important ways we can help ourselves be our best selves is sleep. Yes, beautiful, elusive, delirious sleep. The kind where you wake up and you have forgotten what day it is and you can just run to your workout class, pick up your kids, chat with your family, and maybe even cook dinner! All those humming internal gears, and likely a smile on your face!  Unfortunately,  its an area I have struggled in recently. And I know many others do too…

Enter, obsidian. So to get geological for one minute, obsidian is made when molten rock/volcanic lava solidifies above the earth’s surface. It is usually a beautiful black color, although other shades do exist. For the Maya and other ancient Mexican cultures, obsidian was central to rituals, weaponry, and jewelry. It was a very sharp stone so spiritually the stone was thought to pierce into darkness to reveal truth. Because it is a type of “volcanic glass” the Maya also utilized obsidian as a mirror to prophesize the future. There is much more to this but I won’t digress.

I managed to get my own at a Mayan cultural center outside the city of Valladolid. I knew it was mine as soon as I saw it, round, smooth, not too big and not too small. I would show you a picture but I am crazy and possessive over it now. After purchase I spoke to a shaman who blessed it. I use the word spoke lightly by the way, it was mostly my hands talking.

Well now, I can’t sleep without it. Its kind of like magic, but I know there is psychology to it too. I find it grounding, like it is pulling the day’s negative energy out from underneath me. And it always stays under my pillow (until my kitten sees it anyway). 

I know it all sounds very metaphysical, but let’s not forget our subtle reality. We are all physical beings, made from the soil of this earth that has been around for lightyears. In this earth, in this universe, there are lessons, answers, visions, and guides that can help us physically, emotionally, and mentally. And they are all all connected.  Once  we awaken to this energy consciousness we can tap into the crystals and stones which have ancient healing properties formed from the vibrations emitted from the planets, stars, and earth’s natural forces. 

If you’d like to try it yourself, I would get raw stone and develop your connection to it from there, perhaps bring it to a spiritual mentor you have, or while speaking to a religious leader at your place of worship, etc.

Good luck and sweet dreams 🙂 


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