Now that I am a blogger


I want to tell you every very important thing. Every day! Okay not everyday, that would get a bit squirrely there. But there is this: It is February 6 a day of a great gift! The man, Bob Marley. Not that we need another reason celebrate our celestial dance, but we ought to acknowledge, right? 

Bob is the reason and he is perpetually beta. He is the reason we have reggae as a scale of consciousness it now is. Not an easy feat in the culture episode he lived through. Taking the high road each time, amidst bigots, incorrigibles, and misfortune. He was able to connect the meaning, and the affable cool of reggae lifestyle, which opened the masses to his genre. He brought the redemption of revolution on many levels healing listeners, and moving us all forward.

Just like the music- the drums move you forward. No matter the tone, you know the music stays in you. Some doubters say the rhythm of reggae is lacking, yet I happen to love it. I love it a LOT.  It’s soothing, loving, meaningful. And we can still danceeeeee. 


Damien, myself and an old friend in Philly 2014. Met Kymani too in 2012 in Seaside NJ!


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