perpetual beta (ß) is an idea. It is a way of living that embodies continual growth. This blog is mostly a yarn of philosophy, science, health, wellness, personal anecdotes, and culture. Musings that I hope can help me help myself and maybe amuse you, readers.

But as much as musings, I hope to connect you to some of the work and research I have been afforded. My name is Laura, and my interest is longevity. I have worked in the field of holistic medicine, disease prevention, and medical technology for several years, and it has grown into a passion.

Some topics on this blog may raise an eyebrow, like cognitive enhancement, cryonics, and transhumanism, but they are real. And they have been for sometime.

Sharing these ideas, breakthroughs, and opinions is meant to encourage respectful and decent debates. No matter our perspective- remember we are all ß and we are all here in this gift of life to walk each other through the unknown to a better version of ourselves.