Chakra Activation Meditation- Try it!

Perpetual update! Improving yourself for sure depends on improving your mindfulness! And a few weeks ago I got the opportunity to teach a meditation workshop at the local, super rad, and growing festival, Wub N Dub, out in Willard NC.

Lots of beats, visuals, nature, and great people and when they asked me to teach I was thrilled, but nervous AF! Luckily with the help of the ultimate guru, my dad, I managed to translate my long-time practice into a visualization meditation for the attendees. I think it went well, I even made one participant cry so that is always a good sign…

I drafted what we did below. Give it a shot, even if your brain is bouncing around and you can only focus on each chakra for 10 seconds only, it’s a start. It will get better. Our group held each chakra for about 2 minutes.

To try it, visualize each color, shape and affirmation closely. Keep low volume, non-lyrical music nearby and watch each chakra’ s light figure 8 its way up from your root to the crown of your head. Kundalini Rising.

I really hope my readers enjoy it!

PS be sure to comment the Chakra that spoke to you most and why? One of my adored Kundalini masters (I hesitate to say his name because of some controversy, that is another blog post) says to think of our chakras as our 7 friends….

Root Chakra- Red Cube

Affirmations: I am centered, I am balanced, I deserve good, I am serene, I am courageous

Sacral Chakra – Orange pyramid

Affirmations: I am here to enjoy all that is divine, I am here to experience pleasure, I am joyful, I am abundant

Solar Plexus – Yellow globe

Affirmations: I am confident as to who I am, I am worthy of my desires, I am proud of myself

Heart Chakra- Green crescent moon

Affirmations: I know we are all connected, I love fully and freely, I share compassion for myself and others

Throat Chakra- Turquoise inverted pyramid


I am honest about who I am, I know it is safe to speak my truth, I know when to listen,

Brow Chakra- Indigo Five pointed star


My true self is intuitive and discerning, I clear my mind to follow innate wisdom

Crown Chakra- Violet Half Moon

Affirmations: I honor and nurture my divine connection, I embrace imperfection and perfection, I experience bliss


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