On the Road: People Encounters Pt 1

There is no one like those who you meet on the road, am I right? We are currently exploring the digital nomad life and I had forgotten how those new encounters, even brief, can color your days, and sometimes your whole life!

That is how I felt about the artist Cherif I met in Washington DC. I was walking to Target and his art was displayed on the sidewalk outside. I was enamored with his work and he said hello. I told him when I get my own place I would buy some of his stuff and eventually our conversation went deeper.

He told me of his beginnings in his native France, and then the hardships of moving to America. His story had grit, determination, heartbreak, and surprises. He even told me of his experience teaching art to Barack Obama’s daughters! Wow!

But of course it was his advice on love that has stuck with me. He said: “It’s not about being loved, it’s about being loveable.” In the moment it struck me as so me. Just the, I get that feeling.

How did Cherif know me so well?! The truth is he didn’t, but he knew people. I realized I am not the only one getting wrapped up in I want this out of my relationship, or that things should be this way. I understood then that it is more about who you are and what you give that ultimately sets you free in your relationships, romantic and otherwise. Of course your needs are important, and they need to be expressed, but at the end of the day I can only control myself and my happiness depends on me. If I close the days and nights knowing I gave it my best, that is enough for me. Thank you for Cherif for this beautiful reminder.

An amazing addition to any home!

PS I am thinking of staring a People Encounters series now that we are traveling, let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this blog format!


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