The False Reality: An American Dream Pt 1

I have never lived through an earthquake. But the last two months of my life seemed to closely line up to what I imagine an earthquake would be. Without the details, of which there are many, I want to share with you how I overcame my earthquake. How I had to work day by day to keep my perpetual beta mindset alive, sometimes hour to hour. Maybe it will come in handy for you one day.

So, firstly, its 2022, & it is a crazy world out there. Life was never easy, but right now we are spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically coming out of a pandemic hibernation. I think in many ways we are still figuring things out. Mix that with an economic firestorm and a real estate market that won’t quit and you will inevitably see vast amounts of turmoil, confusion, disappointment, and sadness.

In terms of housing, it represents a cornerstone of the American Dream. The whole house and white picket fence thing. Which on a deeper level partially represents our social standing, our stability, and our safety.

Well, as depressing as it sounds, my theory now is that the American Dream is not at all real. Not for many of us anyway, and definitely not for renters. It’s an idea, an idea that your soveirgnthy depends on what you own.

After I found my dream house, we signed a rental lease agreement and I was set. It was a beautiful Victorian, yellow, green, and red, and it matched this dream house from my childhood hometown. It was too good to be true and for a while it was. Then 6 or 7 months in, the owner sold. Just like that. I believe the sale took about 7 days.

The stress, the hardship, the disappointment all set in. The impact on my relationship is stuff for my part 2. Maybe this is a real estate series? Not sure yet. But anyway, you know the drill of moving, this would make for my 6th move in 10 years. I was done with leases for a while. I decided I couldn’t be a puppet on someone else’s string.

So, we donated all major furniture, stored my favorite art, books, and clothes, and hit the road. Not far out yet, just down the street from our place. I need re-centering before DC in August, New Jersey and New York in September, and hopefully international in the winter.

And yes, I know you know I am still in my feelings.  (Thanks Drake). But take my lessons.

  • One, do your due diligence. I wish I knew I was doing a deal with a crooked attorney before it was too late.
  • Two, go into real estate for the right reasons. Yes marble kitchens are nice, but do you know HOW hard it is to clean them without leaving streaks?
  • Three, what you have going on inside your home is the much more important piece to care for….. What and who are you when you strip away your finely painted siding and custom shades?

I will be sure to fill you in when I find out.

Would love to hear your housing stories and insights in the comments below…..


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