Acupuncture & Getting Lost in the Buddha’s Triangle

Let’s take a show of hands – does laying on a table and having a health practitioner insert fine needles into your flesh sound like a good time? Pure bliss, right?

Okay, so that is obviously a stretch, but for my beta wellness warriors, I am here to tell you, try it. The ancient Chinese didn’t just put this knowledge and theory into practice for their health, well, actually they did, but I mean to say it’s not just something intangible.

Although I am not here to tell you acupuncture is going to cure you or save you, conventional medical wisdom will wholeheartedly tell you its quackery. I took a peak at ~38 clinical studies, all within in the last 30 years, that reviewed acupuncture’s use in different medical indications and only 9 authors concluded the studies met the standards for clinical effectiveness.

From my point of view, I will try most healing modalities after some research into their standards and quality. And in terms of acupuncture I feel lucky to have had a friend a few years ago who was a practitioner and introduced me to it. And now I have found a wonderful healer in my new home in North Carolina.

Last night in particular was a session for the books. There was energy, there were thoughts, there were tears, then there was rest. And the rest is the best part, the needles and the body join forces to heal, and this allows me to slow my constantly working mind. It gave me an opportunity to release what I needed to and feel what my intuition was telling me, which for last night was that everything is as it should be. It was beautiful.

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s (TCM) acupuncture is based on theories of ‘energy-balancing’ and defines good health as a balance between two opposing polarities (yin and yang). In health, chi (life force) is said to flow freely through a system of channels (meridians), & disease is said to disrupt this flow, causing an imbalance between yin and yang. Needles inserted into specific points along meridians are meant to redress these imbalances in the flow of chi.

If you would like details on the Buddha Triangle method my healer used, read below. Otherwise, consider adding this practice to your arsenal, and yes, because I know you are asking, the needles only slightly hurt for a split second.

I do acupuncture. Because it really helps. It is the opposite of Botox. Botox blocks, and acupuncture moves.
Monica Bellucci

Buddha’s Triangle in the wrist can greatly help with stress, anxiety depression and trauma. The three points are Heart 7 (HT7), Pericardium 6 (PC6) and Lung 9 (LU9).

  • HT7 helps to calm the spirit, or (mind) as well as help with insomnia, talking during sleep, poor memory, mania-depression, dementia, sadness, fear and fright, disorientation and grief. HT7 greatly helps to address heart related emotional issues.
  • PC6 helps to unbind the chest (oppression of the chest), regulates the heart and calms the mind. The pericardium is technically the outer layer of the heart, and using this point helps to buildup or strengthens the hearts protector, which has a beneficial emotional aspect. The pericardium also speaks to how we relate and express ourselves to others in life.
  • LU9 tonifies the Lung and transforms phlegm as well as promotes the descending function of the lung. The lung and the heart have a relationship, where the lung massages the heart and both have a strong connection to our emotional state. We can control our nervous system and relieve acute stress with deep breaths, but because many of us are caught up in our busy modern lives, we breath shallow. And this feeds stress because it feeds our immune system less white blood cells called lymphocytes which we all desperately need in this toxic environment of the ego, technology, and pollution.


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