Get that New Job!

I have some very exciting news friends. I just got my dream job offer! I start the end of the month and could not be more excited to be part of this great team.

I have worked the better part of 10 years to get to this point, but it was through the help of a great mentor/coach that took me to the next level. To be perpetual beta, you have to ask for help, and that I did. Then the universe sent me what I needed times 10 in my coach. That being said there are a few key ideas that helped me and I wanted to share with you!

Tips to nail the job:

  • Resume rewriting- Consider working with a professional to refine. A good resume has to have the keywords, but also the data that comes through (i.e. revenue you helped bring your company, media metrics from key campaigns, or project and budgets that showcase the depth of your experience). Pro tip, write 3-4 case studies of key highlights in your career. These case studies cover a challenge you faced, the solution you thought up, the action you took, then finally, the positive result. Have them cover different arenas, i.e. cover strategy, technical, financial, etc. This work will polish your overall presentation.
  • Interview practice- Make sure every answer to key questions, including, “why this job?” “Tell me about yourself?” and “Why are you looking?” is tailored to the job description. This sounds so trivial but it takes a deep review of the job description to really nail this. Then on your first screening call, be assertive and sell yourself. It will set you apart.
  • Reflect- As mentioned, I had an excellent transformational leadership coach that helped me with this, but it could be anyone you trust in your life. Or a spiritual practice, or a prayer circle. Here is the key: you have to understand who you are on a soul level and translate these skills to the corporate language. Take a look at this example. In my past I would have said I am an creative type who loves to motivate teams. I enhanced this bullet about myself to say: “I am a motivator, I trust in the team that work will be done, and I approach each member as integral, and this confidence in the team naturally rallies them.” So the formula is really, me, then me and how I work with a team, and finally the outcome, which in someway you have to connect to the organization you are applying for.

Don’t forget though, you are interviewing the company as well. They can and will sell you short so make sure you come with your questions and needs, and be honest about them.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the ideas above. Let me know in your comments and if you would like some more resources! I don’t have all the answers but I am happy to point you in the right direction.


2 thoughts on “Get that New Job!

  1. HI LAURA… I just saw this post so you found a new job.. congratulations. Will you stay in Raleigh? Hope it is everything you wanted. Your helpful tips are on target for job teaching and preparation. Can’t wait to hear about this new adventure. Hope all is good with you and Kay.

    Take care and best of luck




  2. Thank you so much Eileen! I am very excited! Kay is in a great remote position as well, so for the time being Raleigh will continue to be our home base. How are things on your end? Stay well XOXOXO


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