Book Review: Discover your Dharma

I have started reading Discover your Dharma by Sahara Rose Ketari and already my mind is blown!  Naturally, I had to share it with my readers.

The book’s aim is to help us figure out our dharma (purpose), our higher calling. We are meant to have a life of happiness, abundance, joyful service, and fulfillment but these days that all seems like a foreign concept. And in some ways, it is.  

This whole notion centers around ancient wisdom. This ancient wisdom lives within all of us but is generally layered under our modern existence (insanely paced lifestyle,  cookie cutter educations, family pressures, and emotional and mental burnouts). Sahara makes interesting points that to identify our dharma in our current lifetime, we have remember who we are. To start this she suggests thinking about your childhood and what you were doing when you felt most free. This is a sign pointing us to our divine purpose.

I found this such a comforting thought. Our resumes, our performances- academic or otherwise, none of that equates to why we are really here. What we have been endowed with to truly contribute to this planet and its people is something very, very different. 

The 9 dharma archetypes or personalities that exist in the vedic tradition are teacher, entrepreneur, visionary, researcher, nurturer, warrior, activist, artist, and entertainer. I have not made it all the way to identifying myself but I am pretty sure teacher and entrepreneur are in there. 

I find her book very in line with perpetual beta – it is all about being the best you, and it is a continual process. Sahara notes that this work is never truly done, as we move through phases of life, we have to iterate.

So, as I continue the book I will make sure to share my future learnings but here are some of my tips on finding your dharma:

1. Pay attention to things that just make you tick. When you do them you are not counting the minutes, you are totally absorbed. 

2. Begin a spiritual practice. It doesn’t have to be church, it can be art, dance, forest bathing, etc. Just something that makes you feel in awe of this existence. 

3. Give yourself space. This means time for yourself, to try new things, to reflect. How often these moments of clarity can lead to wonderful new journeys.

As Sahara states so well, this path is for the courageous, and the curious, so go forth and conquer it!!!! 


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