Digital Age is Here, Are our Docs Ready?

We are approaching a new era in healthcare. Some say it is a revolution. Technology is slashing industry silos, consumers are more empowered than ever, payors are shifting their incentives, and work forces are demanding diversity and flexibility.

As for physicians, they are the gatekeepers to our collective wellbeing. They have been a prized profession throughout modern history, but today we are seeing a change in the demographics of this population. Physicians of today do not look like ones from yesteryear. The physician population has its own segments, more pronounced than ever before, which think differently, act differently. What do these diverse segments look like and what can each offer us?

We need to address these distinctions to ensure that the exponential growth in healthcare reaches all physicians. We need to underscore respective strengths from each generational stratum and codify it into broad national use. The goal, and my hope, is help guide physicians of all ages into this not-far off future as leaders, not pawns.

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Digital Age




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