lets all float on

Last Sunday I treated myself.

I channeled my inner-French beauty girl.

I commemorated Audrey Hepburn and her famous words, “We believe in manicures. We believe in overdressing. We believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick.”

I was a lady of leisure let me tell you, and I didn’t skimp out. I picked a newer anti-aging therapy at no other than Eau Palm Beach. It was called ‘The Rapture,’ and it was marketed as sumptuous rest in a quite new device, the dry floatation bed.

My concierge- admittedly this is fun to say- if only I had one full-time, started me at the Wishing Well. Herein I took a lit candle from her and placed it in the water while silently reciting a selfish/indulgent wish for myself.  It was a cute Eau tradition and put my mind in a nice place to relax.

From there, just the amenities were enough for a full a full day! A beautiful co-ed garden with hammocks over a shallow pool, an indoor hot tub with a rain shower centered above us, a Swedish dry sauna,  and a beautiful blue marbled steam room. I felt like a princess and it was amazing seeing my skin sweat out the toxins, reestablish new moisture, and shed old cells.

Then came my turn for the dry float bed! The therapist started with full body creme and gave me extra for the decolletage! It was a lymphatic sea mask and my skin soaked it up quickly. Developed by red flower, the mask is a concoction of phytonutrients, in particular beta-glucans from organic mushrooms, vitamin-rich aloe and sea-algae, plus juniper berry oil that reduces inflammation.

Then for the wrap. The dry float pod is basically a water bed with a full body wrap and heated neck brace around you. It is warm and comforting, imagine floating in a cocoon, and spending 30 minutes in it equates to about 2 hours of sleep. The zero-gravity, consciousness heightening experience didn’t quite lend me to a full dream state. But, I imagine if I had more than 30 minutes, I could have.

I felt sort of primitive, my eyes were bleary, my spirit was disoriented, and my body was rested. I remember feeling like a kid who didn’t want to wake up for school and normally I don’t have much resistance waking up- talking anytime after 7:30 am here 😉 ….This was a very ß moment for me. I felt like a clean slate, a refurbished me. And so what it started at the spa! As long as it happens! I know several people who when I explained this treatment to, their face grimaced with claustrophobia and/or germ-related comments. But every day we have a chance to start over, to feel new, to feel different. Change isn’t easy but sometimes it is necessary, and accepting change is a skill to encourage and master.

As the stress floated away, my mind stilled, and muscles released. When I stepped out of the pod and was briefly massaged by my therapist, I immediately noticed incredibly soft skin, endorphin released, and a balanced state of mind.  So overall, unless you are the buddha, OR chaos is just your thing, I strongly recommend adding this technique to your health protocols.


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