Do I really Love Tech????

What a bizarre past weekend I just had! I was looking forward to it sooooo long. It was a local music and arts festival in my city, Sunfest. Lots of fantastic bands and shows to see including GirlTalk, Incubus, Cake, Rae Sremmurd, 3EB, Sublime, and more. BONUS IF YOU KNOW HOW TO FINISH THIS LYRIC: “SHEEPS GO TO HEAVEN…”

But, like life tends to do, there were some curve balls thrown in there. It was Friday, my friends and I were feeling good, hair did, make up on, and having a great time at Incubus (#Brandon4Ever). Pressured to leave because my friends wanted to see Zedd we made our way to a much more crowded area of the festival. It ended up being fantastic, though. It started to rain, which only amped up the dancing. Zedd’s beats just kind of kept us going.

Cut to later on in the evening when I check my simple over-the-shoulder purse for my cellphone. Voila, there was nothing! I thought my friends were playing a joke on me, but they had to reiterate to me at least three times that they did not in fact have my fifth appendage, my cell phone. šŸ˜¦

Image result for iphone 6s


It all went blurry from there, and not in the good sense, like from alcohol. I just went numb! It was surreal! I was panicked, I had recently changed the privacy settings on my device so it was completely open. I searched everywhere, and then reported it with police. That was when I realized the real story. There were a few other people there in a similar situation, their phones were gone. It turns out there was a group of 3-4 people pick pocketing at the event and the odds were on me! About 100 phones were stolen the night I lost mine. Keep in mind this is a four day event.

And it all spiraled from there. I couldn’t believe the humanity! The lack of integrity! The violation! I was fed up! I called my mom, I told her cancel my phone, I was finished. I was going to get a landline and talk to my friends like Elaine and Jerry on Seinfeld!!

As I sit here with a free SIM Card from Verizon on my 2013 Galaxy S3 with its cracked screen, I have to admitĀ it is still in the back of my mind, do I love tech? Can’t I beĀ ĆŸ without my Iphone? Maybe off the grid is where I really want to be? The land of Originality, Individuality, and the ever escaping us, PERSONALITY? Where ideas come through divine inspiration instead of memes and tweets? I can still improve and adapt can’t I?

Please let me know below people! How long could you go with out your device?Ā 


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