When you really think about robots, it’s a lot of work, like a lot. There are ethical, mechanical, scientific, and philosophical factors. And that isn’t all. Let’s not get started on freshmen year Intro to Logic courses, or HTML and the other million and a half coding languages. As transhumanists or capitalist technologists would say, Robots are the future. They are the ultimate promised land. There is actually so much religious type fervor in this technology its kind of frightening.

img_6380Yea robots are the future and I am mostly happy about it, but there is a strong part of me that feels nostaglic on it too. Especially the devout obsession with them. I believe in God, and prophets, and saintly humans, but I also rationally understand that a lot of it is story. As excited as I am about this field, I will never worship robots, precisely because they have no story. Not on their own anyway.
However, they will make us better, with precautionary design. And here is where the ß is. I believe they will make life wonderful. As in full of wonder and amazement at how smooth and efficient and healthy we, and hopefully our planet, will become. Until we forget and lose how far we have come. Then robotics, AI, cryonics, crypto will all be standard. How long is this time lapse is also a fun debate question.  My guess 2047. I think Kurzweill says much sooner 2020 or something.
Either way this book has been a fascinating read. Whichever side of the coin you are on, robots are coming, and they will be here to stay. Hopefully they aren’t too perfect though!

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