Namaste Here

Every Monday I head up to Palm Beach Gardens, FL to teach an intermediate level vinyasa yoga class. It is a small Crunch gym (yes you should try my class!) and more of a weight-lifting community, but our yoga bubble has floated on idyllically.

Some of the students are in their 60s and have more stamina than the 20-somethings. Some rather take a savasana practice for the full hour rather than exert any effort. However, one thing has remained constant: their joie de vivre. I can see the days where some are more fatigued than normal, or have their heads elsewhere, but after each class each is a better version of themselves, and that self-reflection is a miracle to watch.

img_6314-1Admittedly I have experienced days where I am a bit depressed or tired, and I wonder where my will to inspire others will come from. But then I walk in the room and see their smiles 🙂 Sometimes they even set up the room for me as they wait to hear the music I will play. It lifts me, and I am back tuned in to what matters! Life, breath, love, friendship. They are unknowing betas (most of them), taking their time to grow through their physical and conscious realms, and truly they are my teachers.

Overall it is such a wonderful experience to see people so different become so united via a passion. Whether or not I know them forever, this Monday has become a movement at Crunch and their yogi prints will be in my heart forever.


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