My First Song

Thanks for joining me on my new blog venture ❤

This is the man I spent NYE 2017 with! zoauve

As first month of the new year closes to end- I can’t help but revisit how much I have done in the last 2 months. 21 days on the road in December from Las Vegas to London to Paris.

Paris in particular hasn’t left my mind. It is an awe-inspiring city for beauty lovers like myself. PLUS lately the fake news has covered Paris everywhere.

Quick tidbit about the Zouave: He stands tall on the Pont de l’Alma and has been the traditional marker for record flooding of the Seine. He was built as a tribute to a specialized North African military regiment active during the Crimean War. I believe his shoulder was the highest water height on record.

Anyway it was a perfect spot to dazzle in front of the Eiffel and overheard the roaring crowd near Champs Elysee as the clock hit midnight in the City of Love.

Coming back to the States after Paris was sort of like eating Wonder bread after indulging in a French baguette. Tickled the taste buds were not.

As we approach the second month of the year, lets not forget what got us here. Ciao for now.


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